Getting Your Teeth Pulled

There is nothing like getting your tooth or teeth pulled.  In our mouth we have a series of calcium deposits known as teeth.  These teeth serve several functions such as giving us a full and rounded appearance and smile, they allow us to break up food so we can consume it better and they can be used as a show of power when in a desperate situation.

When it comes to our teeth however, there is a process that we need to do on a daily basis to ensure that our teeth remain strong and healthy.  If we don’t perform these tasks, then our teeth will begin to rot and decay.  If this happens, molar extraction wilsonville will need to be performed which can be very costly and painful.

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The process of getting a tooth pulled begins with an examination from the dentist.  The dentist is a doctor that specializes in teeth.  They know how to clean teeth; pull teeth and they know what is a good tooth compared to a bad one.  When pulling a tooth the dentist will do an X-ray which is a scan of your head from the inside.  From this x-ray the dentist will have a full picture of your mouth and know what will need to be done.

Once your tooth is identified then the dentist will schedule you for an appointment to pull your tooth.  At that appointment he will numb the area where the tooth resides.  After the area is numb, he will come into your mouth and with a pair of dental tools remove your tooth.

This process will be painful and after the numbing medicine wears off you will be in pain.  Make sure to take the medication that the doctor has prescribed you and get plenty of rest.  After a few days the pain, swelling and other issues will have gone down and you should be able to resume your normal operations.